Artist Statement

We, in our smart phone, tableted worlds of screened realities, are endlessly OK, living in a pleasure loop, that increasingly replaces real animals with fake, and real fauna with pixels. Yes, it feels good, so we become increasingly numb to the destruction of ourselves and others. 

The ever-increasing involvement of digital technology in our daily lives has become a defining characteristic putting us into what is increasingly called by artists and philosophers the Anthropocene epoch, or the “age of man”. Ironically the “age of man” is marked by digital technology gradually replacing human activities that were previously felt to be intrinsic to being human. The digital age posits the most basic questions, “What is it to be human? What is a real environment? What is it to be a species in an ever mechanized world of extinction? 

My work is installation based, consisting of paintings, works on paper, video projections, screens, and sound uses the technology of my generation to explore the effects of digital technology on human consciousness.